Katie Kinney and a Story of Self Improvement

The story of this shoot, for me, is an odd one. Editing, up until recently, has been a stab in the dark and a hope for the best. Sometimes I'd end up happy, but most times I'd be less than stoked. That's how the editing was going for this shoot. I'd edit, leave it for a day, come back to it, and be disappointed. The work just wasn't turning out how I saw it in my mind. 

I generally juggle a few different shoots at a time when it comes to editing. I can take ideas from one shoot and move it over to another one; it helps me work. Recently, I was listening to an episode of Joe Rogan's podcast where he had Kid Cudi on as a guest. He described the way he makes music as "coloring in the outline of the song that's already in his mind, much like a coloring book." Up until a few months ago, I wouldn't have related to that statement in the way that I do now. I revisted this shoot with some new tactics and understanding, and was able to color in the edit in a way I couldn't do before.

As a freelance photographer, it can sometimes be difficult to measure success. Money, recognition, and a good reputation are all important. But I believe self improvement is an often overlooked and not-very-talked-about aspect of the job. Being able to find little things that I've gotten better at over time is monumentally important and instrumental in helping me move forward as a photographer.

As is finding good models, of which Katie is a prime example. She's tall, blonde, blue eyed, and has freckles. What more could you ask for?